RentMen Review 2022 – Best gay hookup tips and escort stats 

Find out the top facts about RentMen and how to seek gay escorts there. Complete RentMen Review 2022 for bi-curious singles, couples, gangs, and LGBT fwb 

RentMen Catalog

Today, when LGBTQ communities in many states reach such a high percent of population, RentMen site becomes a necessity. It’s a gay escort platform for like-minded, bi-curious folks, and couples. 

Just like all escort and massage parlor listings, RentMen presents the long galery of providers’ ads to scroll and choose from. But in addition, it has fun and cool features of a gay social network. 

RentMen Chicago

Chicago is one of the top destinations for sex tourism and nightlife. LGBT scene is widely developed there since the 1970s and especially now in the 2020s. RentMen Chicago database is one of the biggest. 

In a big city, naive newcomers with amateur photos are rare. Chicago male models and kinky masseurs are posting their most stylish photos in the ads and serve their clients with high quality

  • Jock – 19%
  • Bear – 12%
  • Twink – 18%
  • Wolf – 21%
  • Leather – 16%
  • Daddy – 8%
  • Drag queen – 6%

Open-minded society always offers big choices. Find your Chicago lover on a progressive gay scene with RentMen, whether it’s a jock, a bear, or a shemale ready to escort you

In 2021, it’s really in fashion to combine casual sex with skilled massages and SPA procedures. Nothing is better than oily bodyrub on RentMen slowly turning to wild hookups

Ordering from the site is quick and easy. Just pick a person who sounds legit and genuine enough, and call or text them. Gay escort in Chicago is highly required among men and couples. 

There is also a various range between the dominant gay men and submissive ones. It is indicated in the ad. RentMen Chicago offers both dom personals and sexy slaves for a weekend fun. 

RentMen Miami

As a resort, Miami offers all kinds of pleasures that can be ordered online. It’s often safer than meeting singles in a bar or club, since there are escort reports and call guys reviews. 

RentMen Miami is as kinky and relaxing as you want to see it. All gay categories and sex services are presented within its listings, detailed and spicy. Good physical shape is guaranteed too. 

“It’s an old fashion to think that gay escorts offer themselves as passive sex objects only”, says Gab, 29. “Many gay singles in Miami and throughout the US are ordering dominant top personals

Accordingly, plenty of ads present masculine looking and very sportive male models ready to ride you. Tattooed and pierced all over or clean and trimmed, they’re modern and trendy in its best. 

Since the competition is big and prices aren’t low, RentMen Miami guys are performing at the highest level. They also come in a big variety, from Latina to African American and Russian escorts. 

Traveling to Miami for sex is always fruitful since so many niche subcultures and kinks available. Even gay hookups aren’t boring or plain, smth exotic and exciting is on a way”. 

RentMen NYC

Best New York City escorts are as skilled and well groomed as they should be in a world famous megapolis. RentMen NYC makes sure to offer top elite gay models for moderate prices

Planning a budget is important both to locals and tourists. Although prices can really differ, they’re always lower on RentMen NYC thanks to a friendly environment and pre-agreement there. 

  • CBJ 15 min – from $40
  • BBJ 15 min – from $45
  • CB 1 hour – from $90
  • BB 1 hour – from $150
  • CB or BB overnight – from $900

Again, pricing is much higher outside of the RentMen listings. Gay ordering online becomes a trait of nowadays, which is safe and accompanied with the real clients reviews. 

Most RentMen models indicate in their ads they’re COVID vaccinated, HIV prep, drug free, and so on. It proves their professional attitude and helps gain some more trust from all groups of clients. 

RentMen Boston

For some reason, Boston is a kingdom of kinks and it can be easily seen in its RentMen listings. The biggest percent of shemale and ladyboys who are really feminine and hot, is included. 

There are multi-functional RentMen Boston gay escorts skilled in serving less typical client categories. They are either a part of niche subcultures, or doing that for extra profit and a vocation.

Client categoryRentMen Boston offers 
Married anonymous 26
Couple straight, gay19
Submissive daddy18
Gang or corporative15
First timer 9

Being ready to serve these and other types of clients, gay escort personals are showing their higher level of tact and intelligence, along with physical skills and the best sexual performance

Guys are estimated high who can really be a switch and play different roles in a bed. Tutors and mentors are paid even more than young fresh newcomers, and it’s a big plus if a person can do both. 

RentMen Dallas

Dallas is definitely a place of the most educated gay personals. Many do escort for fun or extra pocket money, some for living. A fewer quantity than in other US cities, work as full time porn actors. 

Instead, RentMen Dallas escorts are former or actual sportsmen, models, musicians, and other celebs. Along with that, they charge as amateur escorts since it’s a RentMen style and rule

  • Military – 18
  • Actor – 26
  • Masseur – 28
  • Sport guru – 17
  • Dancer – 21

With such a choice of artistic personals or true professionals in their other activities, RentMen Dallas escorts can really bring a boyfriend experience and a feeling of real relationships. 

Being selected for sex by someone with a good realization in other spheres, makes forget about the money and just enjoy a qualitative moment of intimacy shared with a person. 

RentMen Houston

Houston has always been great for interracial hookups, and gay scene isn’t an exception. But RentMen TX member base also comes in a great variety. All ages and genres of LGBT escorts are there. 

RentMen Houston listing is also one of the largest by quantity. The rule of lowered prices isn’t so strictly followed there, elite gay escorts can also be found as well as the boys next door. 

“Houston is my favorite area to order the cubs”, a Texas businessman Dave says. “They seem to relocate there from all over the US and even China or Russia. I am a multi-national and multi-lingual person. 

Also I would add, I am not cheap. So, broke young boys in need of money aren’t my only choice. Often enough, I enjoy paying for elite gay performances as well. I even keep sponsoring them. 

If you look through the ads gallery on RentMen Houston, you’ll see teen students taking selfies in their modest corner, but also gorgeous top models in luxy apartments. Well, I rent them some”.  

RentMen Atlanta

After becoming a US center for LGBTQ communities and sub niches, Atlanta started to attract hundreds of professional gay escorts from other states. They accept to either travel or relocate.

Clients enjoy these new era trends being developed and the fact that one’s gay sugar baby can easily appear to be an activist fighting for LGBT rights. It’s exactly the case on RentMen Atlanta. 

  • Gender fluid escort personals. Those are shemale in Atlanta, femboy and more. 
  • Legal teen providers. A part of subculture since the youngest years, they charge less. 
  • Leather and latex. Fetish experiments are most welcomed and promoted on RentMen. 
  • Big booties. Many escorts choose to boost their lower shapes in order to look sexier. 
  • Roleplayers and costume. Officer or fairmen suits are a stronger fetish than leather. 

All these top popular categories of gay escorts on RentMent Atlanta are highly enjoying what they do, and protecting these activities in between serving you. It’s kind of cool, clients say. 

RentMen DC

As a huge business city, Washington DC has the biggest choice of gay sugar babies and long-term cubs. Friendly, welcoming, and adding some massage or SPA services to the main course. 

That’s why RentMent DC is best known for a boyfriend experience. Guys do rent nice apts and have their own space to get naughty at, but they also need some support for the bills. 

RentMen DC providers by area 

Logan +Circle 18
Woodley Park21
U-Street 7
Downtown-Penn 12
West End 19

Renting in these elite neighbourhoods is costly, as well as investing into a guy’s appearance. So, if you see RentMen escorts with in-call services in such areas, be ready to tip very well. 

On another hand, gay models and massage experts hosting you in elite districts, usually quarantee a much higher safety, better health, shape, comfort, and some profound quality. 

RentMen Los Angeles

The number of escort proposals in LA is truly endless. Since the gay call boys niche is largely taken and there’s a competition in elite sector, RentMen Los Angeles is mostly filled with amateur Latino. 

Highly demanding pervs shouldn’t give up though, there are some bonuses for them on these listings too. The most requested kinks are definitely presented on RentMen LA as seen below. 

  • Fisting – 8%
  • Feetplay – 7%
  • High-vacuum pump – 8%
  • Heavy Bondage – 9%
  • Son Daddy roleplay – 21%

There’s some cup or tea for everyone. It is also recommended to order dancers and masseurs as they have a confirmed work place and their audience so they won’t scam you in a big city. 

RentMen Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas is full of entertainments as there’s nothing to surprise the folks with, local escorts on RentMen find nothing better than post a dick pic. There are some pre-cautions about that though. 

“RentMen is generally a high-end escort site with moderate prices yet excellent quality”, LGBT blogger Rick says. “But all these so-called exciting dick picks immediately make the site look cheap. 

Of course, the clients should see what they are offered. Just the size and shape description of a provider’s tool might not be enough. But it’s better if a model presents it in a stylish way. 

Along with that, always check whether they are on preps, clean, vaccinated, and so on. If an escort worker is so welcoming that his genitals are over the Internet, think twice whether it’s safe at all. 

Request the health certificates, and order covered services only. Moreover, check whether there is at least one picture of their face, of a high quality and clearly seen. Otherwise, it’s just fishy”. 

What is RentMen 

By statistics and gay magazines’ reviews analysis, RentMen is the best gay escort site so far. Similar to classical call personals listings, it looks much trendier and has elements of a social network. 

Are all ads on RentMen about the money only? No, it is found that some of them are aimed to establish serious and long-term relationships as well. Just one night stands are a good way to check it. 

Success stories rate 

  • Quick CBJ to gay dating – 3%
  • Full hookup to gay dating – 7%
  • HE massage session to gay dating – 9%
  • Sugar daddy getaway to gay dating – 24%
  • BFE incall session to gay dating – 31%

The financial aspect is a part of all today interactions and sexual encounters, experts say. People are spending on stable partners and contribute into a common budget much more than escorts charge. 

In big cities like NYC or DC, a CFS payment might just cover the time spent and water or electricity bills for this period. Many perceive it as voluntary tips for a person’s beauty and strip service. 

Since most gay escorts raise their performance quality continuously, ordering them is equal to a compact home alternative of the best gay nightclub. Wondering what is RentMen, consider these fun options.